GemRx for Joyful Confidence & Courage

Certain sets of healing gems are particularly powerful together. 
The gems in this GemRx combination were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties.
Citrine & Peridotis the perfect combination to inspire optimism and to support change & growth. These gems support positive change by encouraging a strong sense of self-identity, confidence & courage. They help you identify your emotional needs & encourage you to listen to your inner-voice.
Citrine ~ Wisdom, Courage, Strength, Joy
Peridot ~ Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love

Citrine turns negative energy into positive or joy. It inspires a strong sense of self-identity, courage & confidence and enhances trust in your own judgement. Peridot encourages healthy relationships and balances love & strength, confidence & compassion. It helps you affect change and defend your boundaries in the most loving & respectful way.
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Citrine supports change and is a stone of joy, confidence, courage
Citrine: Confidence, Joy, Creativity, Strength.
Citrine is like crystallized sunshine, that increases motivation & vitality & elevates mood.
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Citrine is powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy of the sun and transmutes negative energy into positive energy or joy. By activating your solar plexus & crown chakras, it raises self-esteem & confidence, without ego. Citrine also activates your sacral chakra, which encourages creativity & reduces sensitivity to criticism. It connects you to your higher-self, enhancing inner-calm, so wisdom may emerge. It is a stone of abundance that makes you want to share your blessings & encourages wealth, innovation & all good things.

Peridot helps you to be loving while staying centered & strong. It supports confidence & change
Peridot: Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love.
It supports emotional courage, encouraging healthy relationships & growth.
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Peridot is a powerful energetic cleanser that clears and activates your heart chakra, center of love, & your solar plexus chakras, your center for strength & sense of self. It helps you define & respectfully defend your boundaries and shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and the “push-pull” of relationships. Peridot helps you tap into your higher-self for guidance, to “trust your gut” and “follow your heart.” It enhances confidence, courage & joy and supports healthy relationships by helping you to be loving while staying centered & strong.

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