GemRx for Passion, Love Life & Vitality

Certain sets of healing gems are particularly powerful together. 
The gems in this GemRx combination were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties.
Amethyst & Carnelianis the perfect combination for adding a little zest to your love life.
These gems transform negative energy to love and encourage trust in yourself & others. They encourage joie de vivre, creativity & enhanced life force. They support happy relationships & a vital love life. 
Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust
Carnelian ~ Passion, Sensuality, Motivation, Vitality

 Amethyst heals the heart & encourages trust in yourself & others. It takes negative energy & turns it to love. Carnelian inspires creativity, sensuality & passion & helps you connect with your inner-child. By combing trust, love & healing with passion, creativity & sensuality they give you the tools to spice up your love life & deepen your romantic relationships. 
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Amethyst heals the heart, turns negative energy into love, and supports healthy relationships
Amethyst: Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust.
Amethyst brings energetic balance, emotional healing & anxiety relief. 
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Amethyst is a gentle & healing stone that calms or stimulates your mind, as needed. It activates your crown & third-eye chakras, enhancing your intuition & psychic gifts and balances your energetic bodies. Amethyst strengthens your aura/energetic field providing energetic protection. It heals your heart chakra, dispels anger, fear & anxiety and alleviates sadness & grief. Excellent for relationship-health, Amethyst turns negative energy into love, and moderates emotional highs and lows. It encourages trust in yourself & others.

Carnelian inspires creativity, sensuality, passion & vitality
Carnelian: Passion, Sensuality, Vitality, Abundance.
Carnelian is a gem of motivation & creativity that encourages positive change.
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Carnelian is full of life force. It activates both your root chakra, key to relationships, motivation & survival and your sacral chakra, center for creativity, fertility, sensuality & your inner child. Carnelian inspires passion & vitality, sensuality & empathy, creativity & abundance. A stone of manifestation, it sharpens concentration and improves analytic abilities, helping you make wise choices & overcome negative conditioning. Carnelian dispels apathy & depression, anger & resentment and replaces them w love of life and optimism. 

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