GemRx for Creativity & Self-Expression

Certain sets of healing gems are particularly powerful together. 
The gems in this GemRx combination were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties.
Carnelian & Turquoiseis one of the most powerful combinations for self-expression & creativity.
These wise & healing gems support the synergy of creativity & self-expression, flip sides of the same coin. They link your inner-child to your soul’s voice & help you more fully manifest your true self. 
Carnelian~ Creativity, Sensuality, Motivation, Vitality
Turquoise~ Communication, Self-Expression, Insight, Growth

 Turquoise enhances intuition & releases old inhibitions. It encourages speaking your truth & gets rid of patterns that are no longer serving you. Carnelian inspires creativity, passion & connection with your inner-child. It is a stone of motivation & manifestation. Together they help your soul express itself. You have the tools to create your vision. These gems help you access them.
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Carnelian inspires creativity, sensuality, passion & vitality
Carnelian: Passion, Sensuality, Vitality, Abundance.
Carnelian is a gem of motivation & creativity that encourages positive change.
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Carnelian is full of life force. It activates both your root chakra, key to relationships, motivation & survival and your sacral chakra, center for creativity, fertility, sensuality & your inner child. Carnelian inspires passion & vitality, sensuality & empathy, creativity & abundance. A stone of manifestation, it sharpens concentration and improves analytic abilities, helping you make wise choices & overcome negative conditioning. Carnelian dispels apathy & depression, anger & resentment and replaces them w love of life and optimism. 

Turquoise is a gem of self-expression that helps shed energies that are no longer serving you
Turquoise: Meditation, Insight, Communication, Ease.
Turquoise is a gem of self-expression & growth.
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Turquoise is a healing and strengthening stone that provides solace for your soul and well-being for your body. It enhances communication between the physical & energetic realms and opens your third eye, enhancing intuition, aiding meditation & providing insight. By opening your throat chakra and releasing old inhibitions, Turquoise encourages speaking your truth & allows your soul to express itself as you shed outdated behavior patterns. It is calming, stabilizes mood swings and relieves depression & anxiety bringing a sense of ease & clarity.

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