GemRx for Heart Healing & Grief

Certain sets of healing gems are particularly powerful together. 
The gems in this GemRx combination were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties.
Amethyst & Citrineis the perfect combination for dealing with grief, processing change & healing on all levels.Together these gems transmute negative energy into love & joy, and act as a powerful tool for healing, recovery & resilience. They bring clarity and provide support during times of change, grief & growth.
Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust 
Citrine ~ Confidence, Courage, Self-Knowledge, Joy
Amethyst heals the heart, connects you to your higher-self & turns negative energy to love. Citrine inspires self-confidence & transforms negative energy into positive or joy. Together they strengthen trust in yourself & the universe and act as a powerful tool for healing, recovery & resilience. They bring clarity & provide support during times of change, grief & growth.
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Amethyst heals the heart, turns negative energy into love, and supports healthy relationships
Amethyst: Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust.
Amethyst brings energetic balance, emotional healing & anxiety relief. 
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Amethyst is a gentle & healing stone that calms or stimulates your mind, as needed. It activates your crown & third-eye chakras, enhancing your intuition & psychic gifts and balances your energetic bodies. Amethyst strengthens your aura/energetic field providing energetic protection. It heals your heart chakra, dispels anger, fear & anxiety and alleviates sadness & grief. Excellent for relationship-health, Amethyst turns negative energy into love, and moderates emotional highs and lows. It encourages trust in yourself & others.

Citrine supports change and is a stone of joy, confidence, courage
Citrine: Confidence, Joy, Creativity, Strength.
Citrine is like crystallized sunshine, that increases motivation & vitality & elevates mood.
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Citrine is powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy of the sun and transmutes negative energy into positive energy or joy. By activating your solar plexus & crown chakras, it raises self-esteem & confidence, without ego. Citrine also activates your sacral chakra, which encourages creativity & reduces sensitivity to criticism. It connects you to your higher-self, enhancing inner-calm, so wisdom may emerge. It is a stone of abundance that makes you want to share your blessings & encourages wealth, innovation & all good things.

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