Properties of Healing Gems

Energetic Properties of Healing Gems & Crystals

Want to learn which gems are the most beneficial for you now? 

 Note: many gemstones activate more than one chakra, and those chakras are often correlated with the gem's color.

Amethyst activates your heart, third eye & crown chakras


Change, Self-Love, Clarity, Release. 
It supports healthy-relationships & wise decision-making.
Amethyst is a gentle & healing stone that calms or stimulates your mind, as needed. It activates your crown & third-eye chakras, enhancing your intuition & psychic gifts and balances your energetic bodies. Amethyst strengthens your aura/energetic field providing energetic protection. It heals your heart chakra, dispels anger, fear & anxiety and alleviates sadness & grief. Excellent for relationship-health, Amethyst turns negative energy into love, and moderates emotional highs and lows. It encourages trust in yourself & others.

Amethyst activates your heart, third eye & crown chakras

Auralite 23

Intuition, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth, Joy
It stimulates higher awareness & connection with every day magic.
Auralite 23 is a powerful healing stone that will accelerate your spiritual growth. An ascension stone, Auralite 23 activates your crown & third-eye chakras, tapping & amplifying your intuition & psychic gifts. A combination of Amethyst & Citrine along with 20+ other minerals, it balances your energetic bodies. and also activates your solar plexus & heart chakras. This combination brings strength & joy, balance & wisdom.and enhances communication your spirit/angelic/higher guides. It helps you harness everyday magic.

Black Garnet activates your heart & root chakras

Black Garnet

Courage, Strength, Grounding, Clearing.
It helps free you from energies that are no longer serving you.
Black Garnet is a powerfully energizing & grounding stone which clear negative energy & activates other crystals, amplifying their effect. Black Garnet also opens your heart & root chakras, and clears negative energy. It dissolves old energies & behavior patterns that are no longer serving you and bypasses resistance & self-sabotage. It is particularly helpful during times of change or crisis, as it strengthens your survival instinct and brings courage & hope. A root chakra activator, it revitalizes, invigorates and brings serenity or passion as appropriate.

Blue Topaz activates your throat & third eye chakras.

Blue Topaz

Forgiveness, Intuition, Self-Expression, Honesty.
It promotes self-awareness & supports meditation.
A mellow, empathetic stone that opens the throat chakra and third eye, blue topaz directs energy where it’s needed most. It encourages clear communication, honesty & forgiveness. Blue topaz reduces stress, induces relaxation and assists in meditation. It releases tension and cuts through doubt and uncertainty. A stone of self-expression, blue topaz attunes you to your higher self and helps you recognize where you have strayed from the path that expresses your personal voice. It is very useful for those engaged in the arts.

Carnelian activates your root & sacral chakras.


Passion, Sensuality, Vitality, Abundance.
It is a gem of motivation & creativity that encourages positive change.
Carnelian is full of life force. It activates both your root chakra, key to relationships, motivation & survival and your sacral chakra, center for creativity, fertility, sensuality & your inner child. Carnelian inspires passion & vitality, sensuality & empathy, creativity & abundance. A stone of manifestation, it sharpens concentration and improves analytic abilities, helping you make wise choices & overcome negative conditioning. Carnelian dispels apathy & depression, anger & resentment and replaces them w love of life and optimism. 

Citrine opens your solar plexus & crown chakras.


Confidence, Joy, Creativity, Strength.
Like crystallized sunshine, it increases motivation & elevates mood.
Citrine is powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy of the sun and transmutes negative energy into positive energy or joy. By activating your solar plexus & crown chakras, it raises self-esteem & confidence, without ego. Citrine also activates your sacral chakra, which encourages creativity & reduces sensitivity to criticism. It connects you to your higher-self, and enhances inner-calm, so wisdom may emerge. It is a stone of abundance that makes you want to share your blessings & encourages wealth, innovation & all good things.

Garnet activates your root chakra


Passion, Love, Prosperity, Change.
It clears negative energy and enhances life-force & vitality.
Garnet is a powerfully energizing stone that carries the energy of prosperity, stimulates vitality, and clears negative energy. It is particularly helpful in a crisis, or during times of change, strengthening survival instinct and giving courage. Garnet dissolves behavior patterns that are no longer serving you and helps you let go of old ideas. A root chakra activator, it strengthens relationship bonds, stimulates the sex drive and inspires love and devotion, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. Garnet is a stone of optimism, prosperity and growth.

Green Tourmaline activates your heart & third eye chakras & strengthens your aura

Green Tourmaline

Wisdom, Compassion, Protection, Joy. 
It prepares your system for an energetic shift.
Green Tourmaline prepares your system for an energetic shift by transforming dense energy into lighter vibrations, releasing you from patterns that no longer serve you. It forms a protective shield that enhances your aura’s own strength, and activates both your third eye & heart chakras. This brings clarity & a deeper understanding oneself & others. It helps you to see all possible solutions & select the most constructive and promoting positive change. It dispels fear, promotes compassion & tenderness, and brings joy in life.

Kyanite activates your throat & third eye chakras.


Insight, Balance, Self-Expression, Truth.
It dissolves old energies & encourages your soul to express itself.
Kyanite is a healing stone that clears energetic blockages & aligns your energetic bodies, bringing balance. It opens your throat & third eye chakras with a gentle & balanced energy that helps you to tap into your inner-wisdom in a way that allows your soul to express itself more freely & encourages you to speak your truth. Kyanite relieves stress, frees you from illusion & helps you see your own part in creating issues. It dispels anger and opens you to higher truth. Kyanite helps choose your words well & communicate more effectively.

Labradorite activates your third eye & crown chakras and strengthens your aura.


Wisdom, Insight, Intuition, Calm.
It provides energetic protection & supports you during times of change.
Labradorite is a highly mystical & protective stone that raises consciousness and aligns your energetic bodies. It strengthens your aura/energetic field, forming a barrier to negative energy and preventing people from draining your energy. Labradorite clears and balances your third-eye & crown chakras, calming overactive minds and enhancing both rationality & intuitive wisdom. Especially useful during times of change, Labradorite strengthens your faith in yourself, trust in your inner-wisdom & trust in the Universe. 

Lapis Lazuli activates your third eye & throat chakras

Lapis Lazuli

Growth, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace.
It provides energetic protection and encourages clarity & communication.
Lapis opens and balances your third eye & throat chakras, enhancing wisdom & psychic abilities & encouraging growth. Lapis facilitates meditation and encourages feelings of peace & serenity. A very protective gem, lapis blocks negative energy and returns it to the source, in a way that helps the sender become aware of what they are doing. It encourages emotional honesty & self-awareness and reverses imbalances caused by not speaking out in the past. Physically, it is especially good for treating thyroid issues, asthma & migraines.

Pearls activate your sacral chakra


Self-love, Creativity, Sensuality, Fertility.
They make it easier to see the good in yourself & others.
Pearls are a healing and nurturing gem. They heal & balance your second or sacral chakra, your center for creativity, sensuality and your inner-child. This makes easier to see the good parts of yourself, to accept the love you are given and to more freely give love to others. They help you to nurture yourself and those in your life. A gem of feminine energy, pearls enhance fertility & sensuality, and support mental clarity, intuition, empathy, imagination, adaptability, creative problem-solving and cooperation. Pearls help you access your gentler side and express it inside & out.

Peridot activates your solar plexus & heart chakras


Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love.
It inspires healthy relationships & emotional courage.
Peridot is a powerful energetic cleanser that clears and activates your heart chakra, center of love, and your solar plexus chakra, your center for strength & sense of self. It helps you define & respectfully defend your boundaries and shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and the “push-pull” of relationships. Peridot helps you tap into your higher-self for guidance, to “trust your gut” and “follow your heart.” It inspires confidence, courage & joy. Peridot enhances any relationship by helping you to be loving while staying centered & strong.

Pink Topaz opens your heart & crown chakras.

Pink Topaz

Hope, Healing, Self-Love, Joy.
It encourages forgiveness & dissolution of old patterns.
A stone of hope, pink topaz gently eases out old patterns and dissolves resistance to healing. Pink topaz opens your heart and crown chakras enhancing your connection to the divine. It promotes love and forgiveness of yourself and others, and directs energy where it is needed most. Pink topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It helps you discover your own inner riches and manifest your true self. 

Pyrite activates your solar plexus chakras & strengthens your aura.


Vitality, Motivation, Confidence, Joy.
It provides energetic protection & enhances inner-strength.
Pyrite activates your solar plexus chakra, your center for inner-strength, sense of self & joy. This encourages feelings of self-worth, optimism & well-being. Pyrite inspires courage and helps replace feelings of inadequacy or weakness with those of strength & confidence. A powerful blood cleanser, pyrite strengthens your immune system & boosts energy, helping to overcome inertia & fatigue. An excellent energy shield, Pyrite repairs & strengthens your aura & creates a barrier to negative energy. It supports you during times of change, trial & growth.

Quartz activates your crown chakra & clears both your aura all your chakras


Peace, Calm, Healing, Clearing. 
It provides energetic protection & relieves stress.
Quartz is the most powerful healing stone & energy amplifier on the planet. Wearing it is like taking an energetic shower. In addition to activating your crown chakra, which relieves stress & promotes a sense of inner-peace, quartz cleanses & strengthens your aura or energetic field. This raises your energetic vibration and provides energetic protection. It clears & balances your chakras or energy centers, releasing blockages & increasing energy flow. Quartz also brings your physical & energetic bodies into alignment, which helps you find balance & calm. 
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Rainbow Pyrite activates your solar plexus chakra & strengthens your aura

Rainbow Pyrite

Confidence, Courage, Strength, Manifestation.
It is a gem of protection & growth.
Rainbow Pyrite is said to open the channels between the left & right sides of your brain, allowing you to more fully manifest all your gifts and your soul to express itself more freely. An excellent energy shield, Rainbow Pyrite repairs & strengthens your aura and creates a barrier to negative energy. It activates your solar plexus chakra, increasing inner-strength & your sense of self. Rainbow Pyrite encourages confidence & courage and helps people break free of feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. It increases energy & motivation dispelling inertia & fatigue. 

Rose Quartz activates your heart chakra.

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love, Empathy, Trust, Romance.
It is good for relationship health & heart healing.
Rose Quartz is the most important gem for your heart chakra, the arbiter between your higher & lower natures. It is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose Quartz purifies and opens your heart at all levels and brings deep inner-healing. It attracts romantic love & improves existing relationships of all kinds. Rose quartz aids in the processing & healing of grief and in the acceptance of necessary change. It teaches the true essence of love, encourages empathy & makes it easier internalize the love you receive.

Ruby activates your root & heart chakras.


Motivation, Vitality, Relationships, Prosperity.
It is a gem of abundance & love.
Ruby activates your root, or survival, chakra & your heart, or love, chakra. It encourages “following your bliss” and a passion for life. Ruby balances vigor & motivation with judgement and grounding. It heals your heart & transmutes negative energies, such as anger or jealousy, into love. Ruby inspires passion, enthusiasm & vitality and helps overcome exhaustion & apathy. It calms hyperactivity and encourages abundance & prosperity. Ruby strengthens both family & romantic bonds & makes it easier to view situations with loving kindness.

Rutilated Quartz activates your crown chakra & channels divine light.
Rutilated Quartz
Wisdom, Clarity, Protection, Forgiveness.
It is a gem of spirituality & growth.
Rutilated Quartz with its golden crystals has the perfect balance of light & purification bringing wisdom, protection & peace. It activates your crown chakra, connecting you to the divine & your highest-self. It brings wisdom & spiritual guidance and cleanses & strengthens your aura or energetic shield. Rutilated quartz filters negative energy & shines a light on the heart of an issue. This facilitates insight, aids transition & supports growth. Energetically, it relieves anxiety, lifts depression & promotes forgiveness at all levels.

Smoky Quartz opens your root & crown chakras.
Smoky Quartz
Meditation, Stress-Relief, Grounding, Peace.
It encourages wisdom & clarity, elevates the mood & enhances balance. 
Smoky Quartz is the most balancing and peace-bringing of all the gems. An effective aid to mediation, it is also one of the most powerful grounding stones. Smoky quartz activates your crown & root chakras simultaneously. This grounds your spiritual energy, neutralizes negative vibrations, and creates a protective shield. Useful during times of change, smoky quartz is very effective at relieving stress & removing the fear of failure. By clearing your root chakra, it also lifts depression, enhances sexual energy & encourages passion.

Spinel opens your root & heart chakras
Vitality, Relationships, Motivation, Peace.
It provides grounding & stability during times of change. 
Spinel activates both your heart & root chakras. It attracts love, inspiring passion or loyalty as needed. Spinel helps you put ego aside in relationships & re-establish or strengthen relationship bonds. Spinel relieves stress & anxiety, bringing a sense of calm in the face of challenge. It helps lift depression, regulate mood swings & alleviate sadness. Spinel is a very protective & strengthening stone that boosts both vitality & life force (including sexual energy), relieves exhaustion, increases motivation & encourages prosperity.

Turquoise opens your throat & third eye chakras.
Meditation, Insight, Communication, Ease.
It is a gem of self-expression & growth.
Turquoise is a healing and strengthening stone that provides solace for your soul and well-being for your body. It enhances communication between the physical & energetic realms and opens your third eye. This increases intuition, aids meditation & provides insight. By opening your throat chakra and releasing old inhibitions, Turquoise encourages speaking your truth & allows your soul to express itself as you shed outdated patterns. It is calming, stabilizes mood swings and relieves depression & anxiety bringing a sense of ease & clarity.

White Jade
Change, Self-Love, Clarity, Release.
It supports healthy-relationships & wise decision-making.
White Jade encourages your soul to express itself, as it directs energy in the most constructive way possible. It filters distractions, makes tasks seem less complex and aids in decision-making. White jade also stimulates your heart chakra, balancing your higher & lower-selves. This supports emotional release, especially of irritability & resentment and makes it easier to be nurturing & compassionate to both yourself & others. On a physical level, white jade’s filtrating qualities help cleanse the blood and support good-health & vitality.

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