Why Marsya Mind Body Spirit? People tell their stories...

Marsya came into my life during a critical time in my spiritual journey and healing process. 

She honed in on what was blocked inside of me, and allowed her intuition to guide her through our energy session together. The entire experience was filled with a profound sense of love and a deeply rooted wisdom. 

I left feeling a new sense of spaciousness, and the courage I needed to move into a lighter place. 

I still carry the pyrite she gave me to activate confidence whenever it is needed. It is an honor to work with Marsya. She is a truly gifted healer.
~ Savitri D.

I love my Marsya jewelry! Wearing it makes me feel so self-assured and calm. 

I have two children and run a business, and when I wear it I have much more patience with both my kids and my husband.

I like this style so much, now I have the earrings, necklace, bracelet, anklet AND armlet!
~ Ekaterina K.

The day I met Marsya for my first GemRx Consultation, my 11-year old daughter, A., requested a piece for herself that would "help [her] sleep better, not be stressed & not be so hard on [her]self." So Marsya made her a sweet little necklace with Amethyst & Smoky Quartz.  

The moment she put it on, A. said she felt "lighter" & "happier," and that night she slept like a baby! She wore it every day for months sleeping in it, showering in it. She never wanted to take it off. Her sleep improved, she was happier at school, and she said wearing it made her "feel good." 

Then one day when we were on vacation, the necklace broke. That night her insomnia & anxiety came back. So I gathered up the gems and, when we were back in Vermont, took the necklace to Marsya for repair.

 That night A. slept like a baby again. 

A. & I both love Marsya's work and are so happy that now we each have a selection of Marsya's custom GemRx jewelry to choose from.
~ Karen K.

Marsya is fantastic...Consults with you about your specific needs, recommends healing gems, and then creates!

She is in Burlington, VT, but ships jewelry anywhere and will do a GemRx consultation over the phone or Skype!
~ Kelly B.

I just adore my citrine necklace. I am able to recognize my own anxieties while wearing it, and I feel much more confident in my decisions.  I just love it!!!
~ Aimee S.

When I first got my necklace, I wore it for a day or two straight and then took it off for a day. 

The shift in my energy when I took it off was significant. I was much more tired, and my mood felt more unstable. 

Since then I've worn it non-stop for more than 3 months. My moods are more even, and I’m feeling positive. It's really interesting to see the impact!
~ Karen G.

I sought out Marsya because I'd been traveling on an international tour for several months, and had picked up an anxiety I couldn't seem to shake. My friend recommended trying energy healing and suggested I go see Marsya.  

We set up an appointment for the next week, and I was met with a big hug. This was my first experience with energy healing, and she explained what to expect, and what I might feel or experience during the session. I felt immediately relaxed, and we began a two-hour transformative session that opened up my spirit and left me in a state of total relaxation and peace.  

She has a true gift, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of my Mind Body Spirit session could not be denied. I left feeling like the cloud of dread I had been carrying was lifted, and I could make decisions with less anxiety. She was even kind enough to send me away with two gem charms that she attached to my necklace, with cards reminding me of their significance.  

I could not recommend Marsya or this experience more, for whatever block may be inhibiting your life!
~ Jessica M.

I love this necklace. It's elegant and sparkly and makes me feel pretty.

When I wear it, I remember what Marsya told me about peridot during our gem consultation. I love that it inspires being centered and strong and having boundaries with compassion in relationships.  

It’s nice to have it as touchstone throughout the day.
~ Carmen C.

I could not believe how wonderful my Mind Body Spirit session with Marsya was. 

I told her how I was feeling, my stress and where in my body I was holding my tension.  What she did was magical!! Her skills were superior and now weeks later I am still feeling great and tension-free.
~ Joanna B.

What a fantastic experience I had with Marsya! 

She is warm and kind and very skilled in her gift of energy healing. It was easy to trust her and really make the most of my Mind Body Spirit session.

I left with a renewed sense of peace and light that has stayed with me in the weeks following my session.
~ Andrea L.

I love Marsya’s pieces because they are delicate, exquisite and carry the intentionality that she puts in them, as well as the energy of the stones and metals themselves.

From the moment I first tried on my ruby and pearl necklace, I felt like it carried the energy of Aphrodite and that it was very much connected to the root chakra. When I wear it, I feel more grounded and solid in my walk.

As for my spiral earrings, I'm wearing them as I write this. They have always felt like throat chakra openers, so I often consciously wear them when I want to be fluid in my message.

Marsya has many gifts and creating beautiful, powerful jewelry is one of her big ones.
~ Morella D.

Thank you so much again for doing the energy clearing this afternoon and taking the time to speak with me. The rest of my day was really great. I absolutely could feel a difference, and it has got me doing a lot of thinking!

Also, wanted to let you know that the PocketGems were exactly what I needed. They really helped me stay calm and focused, and we did a great job at the expo in Japan!
~ James B.

I love my Aura bracelet!!!! Marsya designed it especially for me with gems to help me to be loving while staying centered and strong, and it always makes me feel beautiful and confident. It is by far my favorite thing!!!!
~Teresa H.

I have been a customer of Marsya’s ever since I was in college & she designed a ring for our social club. 

This ring has meant so much to me over the years; it has made me feel grounded, secure and powerful. 
~ Erica S.

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