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Guided Meditation

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Easy Sleep & Relaxation - Free

This FREE guided meditation is designed to help you, quickly & easily, enter a state of deep relaxation & from there restorative & rejuvenating sleep. 

Listen to it when you go to bed at night or during the day when you need a little rest & rejuvenation. 

Using a hypnotic induction & guided visualization techniques this guided meditation make it easy to release the cares of the day, and fall asleep quickly & deeply.

It will help you sleep soundly through the night and arise feeling optimistic & refreshed.

The relaxing sound of waves crashing on the shore will support you to carry you to your dreams. 

If you enjoy this guided meditation, consider ordering a Custom Guided Meditation, recorded just for you.

Customized Guided Meditation

Every Marsya Mind Body Spirit Custom Guided Meditation is unique. Yours will be tailored to address areas of your choosing, using the language of YOUR internal dialog.

Using a variety of techniques including Hypnotic Induction, Visual Imagery, Neurolinguistic Programming & Targeted Affirmations, your Custom Recorded Guided Meditation will help you reach a state of deep & profound relaxation, quickly & easily. In this healing state, your mind is open, creating a receptive and fertile ground for the seeds of change. 

Once your order has been received, a Marsya Mind Body Spirit Guided Meditation Worksheet will be sent to you that will help identify keywords and language that will be the most effective for you.

Kick the Cigarette Habit - Free

Becoming a non-smoker isn't easy. Ritual, habit, social-bonding and nicotine addiction. Those things are part of why people struggle to free themselves from their cigarette habit, and struggle with becoming a non-smoker.

I want to help you free yourself. So, this FREE 30-minute guided meditation is my gift to you.

Using a combination of hypnotic induction, positive affirmations, visual imagery, and neurolinguistic programming, this guided meditation will lead you to a state of deep & healing relaxation, and give you the tools to become a non-smoker. (For best results, it is recommended that you listen to this meditation at bedtime for 3-weeks.)

If you enjoy this guided meditation, consider ordering a Custom Guided Meditation, recorded just for you.

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