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My mission with Marsya  Mind Body Spirit, is to be a Johnny Appleseed of sorts.

I’ve spent more than three decades studying energy healing, mindfulness, yoga, new age philosophy and the spiritual & shamanic practices of cultures around the world. I feel that it is my gift & my purpose to  share with and/or introduce people to tools & techniques that will help them grow greater happiness. 

I do this using Marsya Mind Body Spirit's Three Pillars of Wellness:

I've travelled to places as diverse as New Mexico & Vietnam, Sri Lanka & Vermont to attend healing retreats and to study yoga, meditation, energy healing & gem therapy. Most recently I spent two months in Bali, where I spent time with local healers & teachers and drank from several holy water temples. 

It is my privilege to share with you the things that I have learned & the gifts I've received, on every level: Mind Body Spirit. 

Warmest wishes
If you're looking for a gentle introduction to mindfulness, check out my two FREE Guided Meditations: Easy Sleep & Relaxation and Kick the Cigarette Habit.

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