GemRx for Energetic Protection & Wisdom

Certain sets of healing gems are particularly powerful together. 
The gems in this GemRx combination were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties.
Labradorite & Lapis Lazuliboth provide energetic protection & enhance intuition & inner-wisdom.
These gems support transformation & growth. They help you tap into your inner-wisdom & insight and encourage listening to your inner voice. They provide energetic protection & block negative energy. 
Labradorite ~ Wisdom, Insight, Intuition, Calm
Lapis Lazuli ~ Growth, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace 

Labradorite strengthens your aura, or energetic field, which repels negative energy & keeps people from draining your energy. Lapis Lazuli blocks negative energy & returns it to the sender in a way that helps them become aware of what they are doing. Together they connect you to your inner-wisdom & center for self-expression and encourage a sense calm.
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Labradorite is a protective gem that stops people from sucking your energy  & protects you from negative energy while enhancing intuitive & psychic senses
Labradorite: Wisdom, Insight, Intuition, Calm.
Labradorite provides energetic protection & supports you during times of change.
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Labradorite is a highly mystical & protective stone that raises consciousness and aligns your energetic bodies. It strengthens your aura/energetic field, forming a barrier to negative energy and preventing people from draining your energy. Labradorite clears and balances your third-eye & crown chakras, calming overactive minds and enhancing both rationality & intuitive wisdom. Especially useful during times of change, Labradorite strengthens your faith in yourself, trust in your inner-wisdom & trust in the Universe. 

Lapis Lazuli is a gem of protection, communication & self-expression
Lapis Lazuli: Growth, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace.
Lapis Lazuli provides energetic protection and encourages clarity & communication.
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Lapis Lazuli opens and balances your third eye & throat chakras, enhancing wisdom & psychic abilities & encouraging growth. Lapis facilitates meditation and encourages feelings of peace & serenity. A very protective gem, lapis blocks negative energy and returns it to the source, in a way that helps the sender become aware of what they are doing. It encourages emotional honesty & self-awareness and reverses imbalances caused by not speaking out in the past. Physically, it is especially good for treating thyroid issues, asthma & migraines.

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