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Marsya Mind Body Spirit's GemRx for OCTOBER

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Carnelian ~ Citrine ~ Smoky Quartz
While beautiful, October is a month of change & transition. Many people feel a sense of loss & struggle with sadness as the days get shorter, the leaves fall & temperatures drop. 

This is a time when it is important to create your own sunshine & find creative ways to ground yourself in preparation for the coming winter. 

Marsya's GemRx for OCTOBER will 
fortify & uplift you, helping you tap into your inner-wisdom, fight depression, bring passion to relationships & support positive change. 

Carnelian inspires creativity, sensuality, passion & vitality
Carnelian: Passion, Sensuality, Vitality, Abundance.
Carnelian is a gem of motivation & creativity that encourages positive change.
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Carnelian is full of life force. It activates both your root chakra, key to relationships, motivation & survival and your sacral chakra, center for creativity, fertility, sensuality & your inner child. Carnelian inspires passion & vitality, sensuality & empathy, creativity & abundance. A stone of manifestation, it sharpens concentration and improves analytic abilities, helping you make wise choices & overcome negative conditioning. Carnelian dispels apathy & depression, anger & resentment and replaces them w love of life and optimism. 

Citrine supports change and is a stone of joy, confidence, courage
Citrine: Confidence, Joy, Creativity, Strength.
Citrine is like crystallized sunshine, that increases motivation & vitality & elevates mood.
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Citrine is powerful cleanser and regenerator that carries the energy of the sun and transmutes negative energy into positive energy or joy. By activating your solar plexus & crown chakras, it raises self-esteem & confidence, without ego. Citrine also activates your sacral chakra, which encourages creativity & reduces sensitivity to criticism. It connects you to your higher-self, enhancing inner-calm, so wisdom may emerge. It is a stone of abundance that makes you want to share your blessings & encourages wealth, innovation & all good things.

Smoky quartz is the most peace bringing of all gems, supporting meditation, grounding & anxiety relief.
Smoky Quartz: Meditation, Stress-Relief, Grounding, Peace.
Smoky Quartz encourages wisdom & clarity, elevates the mood & enhances balance. 
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Smoky Quartz is the most peace-bringing & balancing of all the gems. An effective aid to mediation, it is also one of the most powerful grounding stones. Smoky quartz activates your crown & root chakras simultaneously. This grounds your spiritual energy, neutralizes negative vibrations, and creates a protective shield. Useful during times of change, smoky quartz is very effective at relieving stress & removing the fear of failure. By clearing your root chakra, it also lifts depression, enhances sexual energy & encourages passion.
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