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Marsya Mind Body Spirit's GemRx for DECEMBER

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Find EASE within your relationships.

can be a time of great joy and a time of great stress. 

December’s GemRx is focused on enhancing the joy & relieving the stress, so that you can be your best, most loving, most open-hearted self. 

Pearls are a gem creativity, compassion, nurturing & sensuality.
Pearls: Creativity, Compassion, Sensuality, Fertility.
Pearls make it easier to see the good in yourself & others.
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Pearls are a healing and nurturing gem. They heal & balance your second or sacral chakra, your center for creativity, sensuality and your inner-child. This makes easier to see the good parts of yourself, to accept the love you are given and to more freely give love to others. They help you to nurture yourself and those in your life. A gem of feminine energy, pearls enhance fertility & sensuality, and support mental clarity, intuition, empathy, imagination, adaptability, creative problem-solving and cooperation. Pearls help you access your gentler side and express it inside & out.

Peridot helps you to be loving while staying centered & strong. It supports confidence & change
Peridot: Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love.
Peridot supports emotional courage, encouraging healthy relationships & growth.
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Peridot is a powerful energetic cleanser that clears and activates your heart chakra, center of love, and your solar plexus chakra, your center for strength & sense of self. It helps you define & respectfully defend your boundaries and shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and the “push-pull” of relationships. Peridot helps you tap into your higher-self for guidance, to “trust your gut” and “follow your heart.” It inspires confidence, courage & joy. Peridot enhances any relationship by helping you to be loving while staying centered & strong.

Turquoise is a gem of self-expression that helps shed energies that are no longer serving you
Spinel: Vitality, Relationships, Motivation, Peace.
Spinel provides grounding & stability during times of change. 
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Spinel activates both your heart & root chakras. It attracts love, inspiring passion or loyalty as needed. Spinel helps you put ego aside in relationships & re-establish or strengthen relationship bonds. Spinel relieves stress & anxiety, bringing a sense of calm in the face of challenge. It helps lift depression, regulate mood swings & alleviate sadness. Spinel is a very protective & strengthening stone that boosts both vitality & life force (including sexual energy), relieves exhaustion, increases motivation & encourages prosperity.
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