Healing Gem Combinations

Healing Gem Combinations

As human beings, we share similar challenges, goals, fears & dreams. 
Everyone experiences periods of anxiety, uncertainty, depression & loss. Everyone wants to be filled with joy, peace & love. We all have time when we feel out of balance, lack motivation, vitality or inspiration.  We all strive to be wise, courageous, compassionate & loving. 

These GemRx combinations were chosen specifically for their synergistic properties, and for their effectiveness in supporting us as we journey down the road of life.
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Anxiety & Insomnia

Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust 
Smoky Quartz ~ Grounding, Peace, Balance, Clearing

This is the most effective combination for dealing with stress & anxiety. Amethyst is a gentle & healing stone that calms or stimulates your mind, as needed. It moderates emotional highs & lows and encourages trust in yourself & others Smoky Quartz is the most balancing and peace-bringing of all the gems. Useful during times of change, smoky quartz is very effective at relieving stress & removing the fear of failure. more...

Creativity & Self-Expression

Carnelian ~ Creativity, Sensuality, Motivation, Vitality
Turquoise ~ Communication, Self-Expression, Insight, Growth

This is the perfect combination for supporting creativity & self-expression, flip sides of the same coin. Turquoise enhances intuition & releases old inhibitions. It encourages speaking your truth & gets rid of patterns that are no longer serving you. Carnelian inspires creativity, passion & connection with your inner-child. It is a stone of motivation & manifestation. Together they help your soul express itself with ease. more...

Energetic Protection & Wisdom

Labradorite ~ Wisdom, Insight, Intuition, Calm
Lapis Lazuli ~ Growth, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace 

This combination provides energetic protection in two ways. Labradorite strengthens your aura or energetic field, which repels negative energy & keeps people from draining your energy. Lapis Lazuli blocks negative energy & returns it to the sender in a way that helps them become aware of what they're doing. Both gems enhance your intuition & psychic senses and help you tap into your inner-wisdom.  Together they encourage a sense of calm. more...

Healthy Relationships & Balance

Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust 
Peridot~ Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love

This is the perfect combination for supporting healthy & balanced relationships. Amethyst heals the heart and turns negative energy in to love. It activates your intuitive senses and connects you to yourself making it easier to trust in yourself & others. Peridot connects to your sense of self, as well as your senses of joy & love. It makes it easier to define & respectfully defend your boundaries and to be loving while staying centered & strong. more...

Heart Healing & Grief-Relief

Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust 
Citrine ~ Confidence, Courage, Self-Knowledge, Joy

This is the perfect combination for dealing with grief, processing change & healing on all levels. Amethyst heals the heart, connects you to your higher-self & turns negative energy to love. Citrine inspires self-confidence & transforms negative energy into positive or joy. Together they strengthen trust in yourself & the universe and act as a powerful tool for healing, recovery & resilience. They bring clarity & support growth & healing. more...

Joyful Confidence & Courage

Citrine ~ Wisdom, Courage, Strength, Joy
Peridot ~ Confidence, Strength, Trust, Love

This is the perfect combination to inspire optimism and support change & growth. Citrine turns negative energy into positive or joy. It inspires a strong sense of self-identity, courage & confidence and enhances trust in your own judgement. Peridot encourages healthy relationships and balances love & strength, confidence & compassion. It supports speaking up and helps you defend your boundaries in the most loving & respectful. more... 

Mood Elevation & Depression Relief

Citrine ~ Wisdom, Courage, Strength, Joy
Smoky Quartz ~ Grounding, Peace, Balance, Clearing

This combination helps you clear old & stagnant energy and tap your centers for joy, motivation & life-force. Smoky Quartz enhances life force, relieves anxiety and brings clarity of mind. It encourages grounding, stability and strengthens relationship bonds. Citrine takes negative energy and turns it to joy. It inspires confidence & a strong sense of self. Together they are a powerful combination for both mood-elevation & depression relief. more...

Passionate Love Life & Vitality

Amethyst ~ Heart-Healing, Intuition, Wisdom, Trust
Carnelian ~ Passion, Sensuality, Motivation, Vitality

This is the perfect combination for adding a little zest to your love life. Amethyst heals the heart & encourages trust in yourself & others. It takes negative energy & turns it to love. Carnelian inspires creativity, sensuality & passion & helps you connect with your inner-child. By combing trust, love & healing with passion, creativity & sensuality they give you the tools to spice up your love life & deepen your romantic relationships. more...

Post-Partum Nurturing & Self-Love

Pearl ~ Self-love, Creativity, Nurturing, Fertility
Rose Quartz ~ Love, Empathy, Relationships, Trust

This is the perfect combination for new mothers. Rose Quartz is a gem of unconditional love, heart-healing & relationships. It opens your heart and helps process grief & change. Pearls are a gem of feminine energy, self-love, creativity & fertility. They make it easier to accept the love you're given & see the good in yourself & others. Together these gems support empathy, relationship bonding, self-care & the nurturing of yourself & others. more...

Prosperity & Motivation

Garnet ~ Love, Prosperity, Strength, Change
Carnelian ~ Passion, Sensuality, Motivation, Vitality

This is the perfect combination to inspire prosperity & motivation. Garnet is a powerfully energizing stone that carries the energy of vitality & life-force. Carnelian is a stone of manifestation that sharpens concentration and improves both analytic abilities & creativity. Together they dispel apathy & depression, anger & resentment and replace them with a zest for life, creative drive and a strong sense of mission or direction. more...
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